Welcome to The Daily Goods Store, a zero waste organic grocery and health foods store that provides natural and sustainable products - plastic free.

Our purpose is to make healthy and sustainable living affordable, accessible and fun while supporting local businesses and communities.

Our shop is situated in the heart of Muizenberg village in Cape Town. Shop online for delivery of all our goods to your door!

Circular Online Grocery Shopping

Live Consciously, Shop Sustainably.

Circular shopping means that we don’t leave you, the customer, to deal with unnecessary packaging, instead we offer our products in reusable and returnable packaging (or no packaging at all) that we will gladly collect to be reused again and again.

Weekly deliveries of organic fruit & veg, fresh bread, eggs and dry goods such as grains, pulses, nuts and seeds as well as Eco-friendly cleaning products.

Fresh produce delivery and container collections are only available on our circular delivery option (click learn more to see the service area).

Our goal is to create a culture of conscious consumerism by giving people the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about the products they buy and the impact it will have on their health and the planet.

We are here as a bridge between producer and consumer so people know where their products come from, how they are made and who they are made by.

Visit us in store or shop online for natural, organic and zero waste shopping made simple.

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29 Palmer Road, Muizenberg
Cape Town, South Africa

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