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What is Circular Shopping?

Circular shopping is our way of helping consumers shop sustainably. It is based on the principles of circular economy, a system that attempts to minimize waste by keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible.

We do this by offering our products in reusable and returnable containers, compostable packaging or no packaging at all (such as fresh organic produce), keeping single use plastic packaging from entering the waste stream. See how our returnable container system works below.

How our reusable container system works.

When you shop on our website you will see that many of the products have an option that includes a ‘Glass Jar’, ‘Glass Bottle’ or another reusable container option.

You’ll also notice they include a refundable deposit amount, when buying one of these items you will pay the deposit and upon return of the container, either to one of our drivers on your next order or to our store, your online account will be credited to the value of the returned containers.

Please note that container collections are only available to our service are (which you can view below) on our Circular Delivery option (which you can select at checkout).

How fresh produce orders work.

We offer a range of natural, organic and locally sourced fresh produce for purchase on our website.This service is only available to our service area  (which you can view below) on our Circular Delivery option (which you will need to select at checkout).

Fresh produce is delivered every Tuesday and Friday, orders need to be placed by 2pm the previous day. You are also welcome to collect from our shop in Muizenberg or our sister store The Conscious Co-Op in Simon’s Town.

Orders are delivered between 2pm and 6pm so please make sure someone will be available to receive your order between those times.

Please note that produce is subject to availability, if we are unable to fulfill any items on your order you will be credited with amount of those items.

Circular Delivery Service Area

What if I live outside the service area?

If you live outside the service area you will still have the option for courier deliver nation wide but this means you will not be able to order fresh produce or have you container collected and refunded. For this reason we also offer a paper bag container option for many of our bulk products.

We will be continuously expanding our service area, keep an eye on our social media pages or sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with progress.

You can also collect in store at 29 Palmer Road, Muizenberg or at our sister store, The Conscious Co-Op at 92 St. Georges Streets in Simon’s Town.

Important things to note (Terms & Conditions):

  • All our fresh produce comes from small-scale farmers and suppliers, this means that availability of these items is limited. If we are unable to provide with you items that you ordered due to lack of availability we will credit your account to the value of the missing items.
  • Our fruit & veg is all grown organically, this means the farmers do not use pesticides or other chemicals on their crops. Because of this you may find the odd snail or insect on your veg (this is a sign your veg is healthy and chemical free), so it’s important to wash your produce thoroughly before consuming.
  • Produce marked *Limited* means that the supply is more limited than usual and there is a greater chance of you not receiving these items to due availabiltiy.
  • Only reusable containers from The Daily Goods Store are eligible for deposit refund, no other jars or other reusable containers will be accepted nor broken or damaged containers.
  • For Circular Delivery, upon delivery of your order to the specified delivery location, if their is no one there to accept and sign for order your order will be taken back to our premises at 29 Palmer Road, Muizenberg where it will be available for collection. The delivery charge for unaccepted deliveries cannot be refunded nor will uncollected orders be refunded.
  • Upon receiving your order please check that you have received all the items on your order, by signing for your order you agree that all items have been delivered and received in good quality.
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