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At The Daily Goods Store we realise that the future of any business today means taking the health and well-being of their customers very seriously as well as making a consistent and genuine effort to reduce their impact on the environment as consumers become more conscious and only wish to support businesses that share their values regarding their well-being and the environment.

This is why want we want to work and collaborate with local businesses who share our passion for health and sustainability by providing them  whole-foods that are naturally farmed without unnecessary single use plastic packaging and other products made by local community members while still offering competitive pricing to ‘traditional’ suppliers, making health orientated and environmentally sound business practices also financially viable.

You can view our retail shop on this website to view our range of products, wholesale price list is available on request.
Contact us today to find out how we can help your business.

29 Palmer Road, Muizenberg
Cape Town, South Africa

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